Highly effective seminars and hands-on workshops held several times throughout the year

The Plastics Seminars and Workshops at the University of Massachusetts Lowell are highly respected throughout the plastics industry as a proven method of gaining both theoretical and practical information. Offered by the Division of Online and Continuing Education and the Department of Plastics Engineering for more than 30 years, these seminars and workshops provide effective technical instruction applicable to plastics materials, processes, design and quality control. Seminars are taught by world-renowned faculty and industry leaders. The following training sessions are available at a number of different times during the year.

2019 Seminars and Workshops

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All seminars are held from 8:30am to 5pm.

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Emerging Technologies

Course/Instructor Date Course # Price
3D Printing of Polymeric Materials
Dr. David Kazmer, Dr. Joey Mead, Dr. Christopher Hansen, and Dr. Amy Peterson
June 24-27
00.769-011 $1,525 Register Now
Advanced Extrusion: Thermal Optimization and Energy Efficiency
Dr. Javier Vera-Sorroche
July 10-12
00.766-012 $1,350 Register Now

Injection Molding

Course/Instructor Date Course # Price
Injection Mold Design
Steve Thibeault
June 10-12
00.726-011 $1,350
July 15-17
00.726-012 $1,350 Register Now
Plastic Part Design for Injection Molding
Dr. Stephen Johnston
June 10-13
00.725-011 $1,525
July 15-18
00.725-012 $1,525
Injection Molding
Dr. Stephen Johnston
June 17-21
00.716-011 $1,695
August 12-16
00.716-021 $1,695
Robust Process Development and Scientific Molding
Suhas Kulkarni
July 31 - August 2
00.755-012 $1,350


Course/Instructor Date Course # Price
Surfactants and Polymers in Aqueous Solution
Dr. Bridgette M. Budhlall
January 9-10
00.771-001 $995
Coloration of Engineering Thermoplastics
Dr. Alex Shakhnovich
March 11-12
00.762-002 $995
Polymeric Materials: Commodity Plastics, Engineering Resins and Specialty Polymers
Professor Stephen Burke Driscoll
August 5-8
00.767-011 $1,525
July 22-25
00.767-012 $1,525
Nanotechnology in Polymer Coatings
Dr. Bridgette Budhlall
July 8-9
00.772-012 $995 Register Now

Product Design & Development

Course/Instructor Date Course # Price
Fundamentals of Plastics Testing
Professor Stephen Burke Driscoll
March 11-13
00.748-002 $1,350
Industrial Design and Plastic Product Design
Michael Paloian
July 31-August 2
00.758-012 $1,350 Register Now


Course/Instructor Date Course # Price
Applied Extrusion Coating for Industry: Processing and Troubleshooting
Thomas Bezigian
January 7-8
00.732-001 $995
Extrusion Process Engineering and Troubleshooting
Dr. John Perdikoulias and Vijay Kudchadkar
June 6-7
00.750-011 $995
Dr. Carol Barry
June 17-19
00.728-011 $1,350 Register Now
July 22-24
00.728-012 $1,350 Register Now
August 5-7
00.728-021 $1,350 Register Now
Twin-Screw Extrusion and Simulation
Dr. Francis Lai
July 11-12
00.763-012 $1,195 Register Now